Burns & Burns offers a wide range of legal services including:

      To allow us to better serve your legal needs, there may be one or more forms which must be read, filled out, and/or signed before proceeding further into the legal process. Below is a listing of forms and their descriptions in relation to their offered services. The forms themselves may be found on our Forms page.

Civil Cases

Civil Case Information Sheet: A general overview of civil cases and the processes involved.

This form covers the stages in a civil case, the forms and methods of resolution, and other details relevant to an understanding of the civil case, its costs, and its proceedings. Some specifics may vary by county.


Divorce Questionnaire: This must be read, signed, and dated in order to engage our services in divorce proceedings.

A short explanation of the lawyer's role in the divorce, including the expenditures and fees involved. Only ONE of the parties will receive representation; the other party must seek advice and/or services elsewhere.


Estate Case Information Sheet: A general overview of estate case procedures and costs.

This information sheet contains basic details regarding the probate or administration of an estate, including the petition and the service thereof. It also explains the distribution of assets. No two estates are the same; however, this provides a good basic understanding in most cases.


Bankruptcy Info: A list of information needed to file bankruptcy, as well as frequently asked questions.

This letter contains a checklist detailing all of the information required to file bankruptcy, and answers many commonly asked questions about bankruptcy. It also explains many differences between some of the different forms of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13), and helps you to get started on the way to filing. You will need to consult your personal records for much of the information required.

Bankruptcy Codes: Bankruptcy codes, as defined 11 USC §506. Determination of secured status.

This file defines and illuminates the different bankruptcy codes, as necessary for understanding. Please use this for reference when filling out the bankruptcy quetionnaire and disclosure forms.

Bankruptcy Questionnaire: This questionnaire and the disclosures wherein are required to file bankruptcy.

This form must be filled out IN FULL to file bankruptcy. In order to fill out the form, you will need the bankruptcy history of you and your spouse (if you have one), as well as the ability to list all property, its yard sale value, any lien holders, and who said property belongs to. You must also be able to provide information on all debts, wages, employments, and expenditures.

Bankruptcy Disclosures: A necessary step in the bankruptcy procedure.

This form contains and details the disclosures necessary for filing bankruptcy. It must be read, signed, and returned with dates. In order to complete the disclosures listed, you will need to accurately record all of your possessions, your monthly income(s) and living expenses, and all bank accounts and rights to sue other people. You must also include the monthly income of your spouse, even if it is not a joint case. The form contains further instruction and exemptions involved in the process.

Chapter 7/13 Disclosures: This disclosure must be signed and dated to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

§527 (b) Disclosure form contains important information about bankruptcy assistance services and includes a brief explanation of the processes and requirements involved in filing a bankruptcy case. This form is only for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.